Other Savant reunions of the past:

​- The descendants of Green Savant & Battina Jones Savant have traditionally had their reunions alternate locations, between California & Louisiana.

- The descendants of Hypolite Savant and Alodie Nevils used to have their yearly reunion at the home of Lovinia Savant Fontenot (daughter of John B Savant and Lovinia Lormand; granddaughter of Hypolite), in Indian Village, LA, the last Sunday of June.

- The descendants of Lucius Savant, mainly through the children of his son Armand (especially Rodney Savant & Ida Savant Ford), used to have their yearly reunion on the former property of Ursula "Sule" Lormand Savant, in King's Farm, LA, the Sunday before Memorial Day. Savants descended from the other sons of Ortere were always invited.  The Lucius Savant reunion was never held again after the death of Rodney Savant in 1999.

-  The Octave Savant & Evia Nevils reunion used to be held yearly in Indian Village or Kinder, LA, the weekend of Columbus Day, in October. The last of this reunion, in Louisiana, was held in 2002. Some members of this group have held smaller gatherings in Texas since that time.

- The descendants of Euric Savant and Zelma Fontenot used to hold their reunions every year in Indian Village, LA, the weekend of Thanksgiving, and previously every 4th of July.

Our 2014 reunion was held in Washington, Louisiana, on February 22, 2014.  Over 300 Savant family members from numerous states attended, with all four of the branches represented.  Many members wore clothes in the colors of their respective branches.  Some cousins saw each other for the first time in many years, while other cousins met each other for the first time. The weather was beautiful,  and there was food, fun and more food! 

Other Reunions

Next Reunion: In Feb. 2026!

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The extensive Savant family of Louisiana origin, including the four branches, holds a family reunion every two years in Louisiana.  Please join us for the next reunion, which will be held Saturday, Feb. 24, 2024, in the Allen Parish Civic Center in Oberlin, Louisiana.

Our 2014 Reunion

Savant Family of Louisiana

Our 2020 reunion was held in Oberlin, Louisiana, on February 15, 2020.    Reunion highlights included having attendees from the 4 Savant branches of Louisiana, a live Cajun band, a Savant family history presentation, and the honoring of the Savant elders. 

Our 2018 Reunion

Our 2016 Reunion

Our 2020 Reunion

Our 2022 reunion was held at Chicot State Park in Evangeline Parish, Louisiana, on July 02, 2022.   This was our first general Savant reunion during the summer, and the setting of the park was especially beautiful! Reunion highlights included Savant family reunion t-shirts (made in the 4 colors of the 4 branches), a Savant family history presentation, honoring of the Savant elders, and enjoying the nature and amenities of the park.

Our 2022 Reunion

Our 2016 reunion was held in Ville Platte, Louisiana, on February 20, 2016.  Reunion highlights included having attendees from the 4 Savant branches of Louisiana, as well as having a presentation by a local historian.  Once again, the weather was beautiful, and there was an abundance of food & fellowship!

Our 2018 reunion was held in Oberlin, Louisiana, on February 24, 2018.    Reunion highlights included  having attendees from the 4 Savant branches of Louisiana, having a famous Cajun comedian perform, and some attendees visiting Savant-related historical  sites after the reunion. 

Other Ways to Register for the 2024 Reunion:

Request a registration form to register by mail.  You may request a  registration form by:

- E-mailing us  at savantreunion@gmail.com

- Downloading the form from our Facebook group or this website